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Inspired by the Mexican game of chance, El Loteria; El Catrin's game card inspired William Pedroza to create San Catrin, the clothing saint, to be the face of its minimalist brand. The idea behind San Catrin is to help one's wardrobes through its neutral tones & minimalist seams to look great, subtly. Currently, we provide a curated assortment of elegantly simple products that prioritize enduring quality over relevance.

True style is born from simplicity and attention to detail. Celebrating diversity is at the heart of our ethos as we curate pieces that resonate with individuals from all over the globe. We strive to create an experience that is as memorable as our garments. Join us in redefining fashion, where clean lines, muted palettes, high-quality materials, and inclusivity converge.

Behold the saint, in pilgrimage so grand,
Across the globe, a beacon to the land.
In foreign hearts, a sanctuary found,
Wherever saints may tread, grace doth abound.

The Composer

Born in 2000 in Washington State to a Mexican family of migrants, William Pedroza often played El Loteria with his family while growing up. He loved all the card caricatures, especially El Catrin. Fast forward to today, William felt that El Catrin could be more than just a dapper gentleman but also a saint of clothing to ensure the world could have a piece of his sharpness.

Since its beginning, William has been the brand's visual director, supervising aspects ranging from design, marketing, casting, production, social strategy, collaborations, to art direction. He looks forward to clothing the world and meeting fans of his work in the near future. 

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